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PostSubject: Selling   Fri Jun 05, 2015 9:21 pm

Good day,
Kindly see below for the list of phr pocketbooks;
SECONDHAND na po ang mga books and some had names written on it but still readable, assorted po ang mga books ng mga bago at medyo old series na may worn out yung iba, but still in good condition to read.
For all interested buyer kindly send me an email to: wendyonline1990@gmail.com with your number for reply.
Shipping cost will be shoulder by the buyer.

Php 18.00 each

>Belle Feliz
Way back into Love
Hot Intruder: Contessa’s Intruder
Henrick’s Love
A Fairy Tale (2pcs)
Constantly In Love
Teenage Love Story
My Everything
Always Have, Always Will
My Only Love
You Found Me
Destined Love
Love’s Spring
His Lovely Girl

>Martha Cecilia:
Sweetheart 1
Sweetheart 3: You Belong to my heart
Sweetheart 4: My knight in shining Armor
Love Trap
Almost a Fairy Tale
Be still, My heart
Kristine: Franco Navarro
Kristine: Ang Lalake sa Larawan
Kristine: Romano 2
Marry Me, Stranger

Peppers Series 1: Carlito Alberti
Peppers Series 2: Hon. Gabriel Torillo
Peppers Series 4: Leonardo Torillo
Peppers Series 11: Kay-ri
Peppers Series 12: Duan at Ingga
Peppers Series 13: Lumlitan
Peppers Series 18: Pipay
Peppers Series 22: River
Peppers Series 23: Popo
Peppers Series 26: Andrea 1
Peppers Series 27: Andrea 2
Peppers Series 28: Autumn
Territorio de Los Hombres 11: Wulfredo Resplandor 1
Territorio de Los Hombres 12: Wulfredo Resplandor 2
Territorio de Los Hombres 53: Cesar Trillo
Territorio de Los Hombres 56: Woogey Waguinto
Dark Chocolate Series 1: Sweet Deceptions, Love in Disguise
Dark Chocolate Series 2: Sugary Lies, Heart on Fire
Dark Chocolate Series 4: Hearts in Doubt, Delightful Surprise
Dark Chocolate Series 7: Decadent Secrets, Sugar-Coated Lies, Lovers’ Paradise 1
Dark Chocolate Series 8: Decadent Secrets, Sugar-Coated Lies, Lovers’ Paradise 2
Love Junkies Series 3: Maya, the stubborn love junkie
Love Junkies Series 9: Madeline the overzealous love junkie
Love Junkies Series 15: Yana, The Prayerful Love Junkie
Ikaw sa Buhay ko
La casa de amor 1: Joaquin, The Handyman
The Don’s Boys Series 4: Marco Amecable
The Don’s Boys Series 9: Maximo Arnaiz
Ang Love Story ni Ruru
Ang Love Story ni Tata
Meymey’s Romance
Lope: The long lost brother
Places & Souvenirs: Lovers in Paradise
Binibining Barbero

Mio Azarcon & his Affair to Remember
My Guardian Lover
Jacob Briton
Ponching: Ang Panganay na apo ni Lola Eva
Sorry kung Mahal Kita
Amantes Fantasticos 14: Matteo, Ang tagapagmana ng trono 1
The Hraet never forgets
Sherree Ann

>Rose Tan
Let me be, Set me Free
Be the devil, Be the Light (I Don’t care, Darling, Just be mine)
Tail, You Lose; Head, Your Mine
Baby’s Breath

>Sharmaine Galvez
Isla Blanca
Say that you love me
One Summer Love
Karugtong ng Isang Kahapon
Minsan sa Isang Panahon
Les Hommes D’ Affaires 2: JP Moralda

Modern Girl Series
1 Material Girl – Rose Tan
2 My Boyfriend Requirement List - Vanessa
3 The First Principle – Rose Tan
4 Confession to a matchmaking Snoop – Dawn Igloria
5 My knight in Shinning “Sailor Uniform” - Amanda
6 I would Love to Love – Noelle Arroyo
7 Masquerade – Elizabeth McBride
8 Choosing the Real “Mr. Right” – Dawn Igloria
9 Is my best friend’s boyfriend gay? – Laurice Del Rio
10 Gotta Believe in Magic – Laurice Del Rio
11 Kikay Kit – Rose Tan
12 Born for me – Laurice Del Rio
13 My Best friend the boyfriend? – Noelle Arroyo
14 From the bottom of my hopeless heart – Noelle Arroyo
15 And I still do love you – Noelle Arroyo
16 My peachy Love – Noelle Arroyo
17 Picture Perfect – Noelle Arroyo
18 Love Mess – Noelle Arroyo
19 Looking for Mr. Right, Finding Mr. Wrong – Keena Alicante
20 Mismatch – Keena Alicante
21 What Kylene wants – Dawn Igloria
24 A diary of a hopeless romantic Booboo – Heart Yngrid
25 Chela’s Vow – Keena Alicante
26 When meri met Happy – Dawn Igloria
28 Single for Life – Keena Alicante
31 Of love, cats, and cherry-pops - Camilla

>Assorted Books
You’re still in my Heart – Denzelle Bartolome
Jewels14: Emerald: Cat’s Eye – Maureen Apilado
Ang Puso Talaga kung minsan – Maureen Apilado
In Black & White (Agent Elektra) – Noelle Arroyo
Modern Girl 14: From the bottom of my Hopeless Heart – Noelle Arroyo
Sa muling Pagpintig ng Puso – Amanda
PHR Classic 18: One you were mine – Jasmine Esperanza
My Darling Sarah – Jasmine Esperanza
Finding Treasure…Finding Love – Jasmine Esperanza
Magkaaway Kunwari, sa Kasal din ang uwi 1 – Jasmine Esperanza
Magkaaway Kunwari, sa Kasal din ang uwi 2 – Jasmine Esperanza
You’ve Got Friends 3: Attractive Wayne – Elizabeth Mc Bride
The Petersons 4: Lee – Dream Grace
The Amorous Gentelman – Patt Valentino
The Animated Tamer – Patt Valentino
The Playboy Part 2 – Patt Valentino
Lover’s at Rose Bay – Sheena Rose
Naked – Sheena Rose
The Pretended Groom – Sheena Rose
Benny, The Egotist – Sheena Rose
The Waterfall – Sheena Rose
Phoenix Reloaded Book 1 – Arielle
Paramour - Arielle
Out of the Darkness – Laurice del Rio
Kiss me at Midnight – Maricar Dizon
Love Overdue – Maricar Dizon
Our One-sided Love – Maricar Dizon
Perfrct with you – Maricar Dizon
My brother’s Wife – Maricar Dizon
Campus Girls: Starr, The Bratinella- Heart Yngrid
Campus Girls: Claudette, The Queen Bee -Heart Yngrid
Campus Girls: Ashlee, The Rock Diva - Heart Yngrid
Campus Girls: Helen, The Foxy Cinderella - Heart Yngrid
Campus Girls: Anikka, The Free Spirit - Heart Yngrid
Guilty of Loving You – Sonia Francesca
Hooked on a Feeling – Sonia Francesca
A Little Scandal – Lamar Luna
Everything About you is Beautiful – Sheila Mendoza
A Penny For Cade – Dream Grace
Mga Alabok sa Alapaap 6: Warren 2 - Maureen Apilado
SElphie’s Genius Lover – Juliana Ran
The Untamed Passion – Carissa Nobleza
Malimot man kita – Antoinette
Kapitbahay ng Pusu – Majesty Roque
Love you like a love song – Skype Reyes
Jaded Encounters: Close to being Mine – Haze Prado
Butterscoth – Andea Coronel
Love at the cupcake corner – Maria Flora Celine
Beloved Fugitive – Dawn Igloria
Love is something Beautiful – Elizabeth McBride
If this is love – Fiorella
Andrea, The Sweet Punisher
The President’s New Daughter
Cloyd’s Bliss – Noelle Arroyo
Wherever with you – Chelsea
Chocolate Box & Forever – Anna Caroline Via
However which way you love – Amanda
Reaching You – Princess Faye
Scared to Death – Bridgette Marie
Ako na lang sana – Brandy Gallardo
Half of my heart – Maria Flora Celine
Perfect – Angel Bautista
The most eligible guy for Katya – Raquel Panganiban
Diamond by Night – Vennus Franz
Laging Ikaw – Gazchela Aerienne
The King of Arrogance - Patt Valentino
The Ruthless Gambler - Patt Valentino
The Barbaric Lover - Patt Valentino
A love in Disguise - Cassandra
Prelude to Love - Cassandra
Papel, Pluma at Pag-Ibig - Cassandra
Fate’s Gift – Laurice Del Rio
Sa bawat patak ng Luha – Laurice Del Rio

Php 35.00 each

Tubig at Langis
Kaputol ng Nakaraan
A Duchess for Duke

>Martha Cecilia
Hello Again My Heart
Minsan dito sa puso ko
Sweetheart: My Cheating Heart
Sweetheart: My own true Love
Mananatili kitang Mahal
The bodyguard: Tennessee

Territorio de Los Hombres: Alberto Resplandor
Territorio de Los Hombres: Juan Gorospe
Traje de Boda 1: Charo
Traje de Boda 2: Vilma
Traje de Boda 3: Nora
The Wedding 1: Bibi
The Wedding 2: Consuelo
Vincenzo Verdi
Hong Kong Chronicles: Love in Spring

>Belle Feliz
Always in my Heart
The Charming Intruder
Always Loving You
Katrina’s Number One Fan
A Very Special Love
Unexpected Love
The Charming and Beauty
Love Match
Love Drunk

>Assorted Books
Gems 4: Dahil Mahal Kita – Amanda
Gems 14: Fate, Love & Destiny – Noelle Arroyo
Gems 26: Anna Victoria – Samantha Israel
Kailan Mamahalin – Dawn Igloria
The Risk I’ll take – Cassandra
Wild Flowers 4: A Lover’s Second Chance
Wild Flowers 5: True Love’s Passion
Drop Dead Playboys 5: Red Madrigal: Crazy in Love – Hearth Yngrid

Php 50.00 each
Sa Likod ng Maskara – Vanessa
Sa Buhay ni Ida – Vanessa
Ang Lalaking walang Pangalan – Vanessa
El Paraiso – Martha Cecilia
Sweetheart 14: Sensual – Martha Cecilia
Unconditional Love – Belle Feliz

Thank you for reading.
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