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 PHR 4 Sale

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PostSubject: PHR 4 Sale   Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:12 pm


( 25php each)
mixmatch trilogy 1: crazy beat
lovebug.com: desperately waiting, susan
Unforgotten Love 1


Danielle Steel- 44 Charles Street-translated by Angel Bautista-220php

The Reality Show (65php) each unless indicated

1. Prinsesa ng Teleserye 144pages- 75php
2. Queen of my Heart-144pages-75php
3. Prince of Thieves
4. Loving Capt. Luke aka Action Hero
5. Truth or Dare
6. RockStar
7. Seoul Searching- 144pages- 75php

BBB Trilogy (65php each) sold as set

1. Bianca ( Bewitched)
2. Beatrice ( Bothered)
3. Belle ( Bewildered)

SCARS SERIES - 350.00php (sold as set )

Lies of an angel
Devil in paradise
A night of flame 1
A night of flame 2

Fantastic TV Series (book1-book12)- 1300.00 php (sold as set)

La Guarja Series ( Book1-book7)- 650.00php

Arie s Will Trilogy- 65php each ( sold as set)
1. A Touch of Fate
2. A Touch of Magic
3. A Touch of Love

Blackthorn Trilogy- 65php each (sold as set)
1. Monsoon Kiss
2. Cyclone Force
3. Serene Tempest

Kampilan Trilogy-65php each ( sold as set )
1. Rebel
2. Warrior
3. Equalizer

Club 56 Vishnu- 75php each ( sold as set ) (144pages)
1. Confession
2. Permanence
3. Winter s Heart
4. Wickedly Divine

Freedom series- 65php each unless indicated (sold as set
1. Caprice
2. Cadillac
3. Carrera
4. Chevelle
5. Camaro
6. Dunbar Buick -144 pages- 75php

Drumbeats series- 75php each ( sold as set ) 144pages

1. Rhyme
2. Repertoire
3. Harmony
4. Medley
5. Resonance

Crimsom Quest Series 65ph each unless indicated (sold as set)
1. Surrender
2. Endearment
3. Defiance-144pages-75php
4. Sacrifice-144pages- 75php
5. Conquest
6. Star-crossed
7. Paramour- 144pages-75php
8. Heartless- 144pages- 75php

The Crisis Management Team 65php each
3. Insured For Love
4. Promise Bound
5. Gambler s Luck
6. Dark Passions
7. Perfectly Imperferct
8. Truthseekers
9. Keeper of the Heart

Single Novels 65php each unless indicated

No Compromise
Prince Solace -144 pages- 75php
Morena-144 pages- 75php
Green Meadows
Reel Romance
Love Months

Story of us Trilogy -65php each- sold as set
1. A Tale to Cherish
2. A Tale of Forever
3. A Tale of Love to Cherish Forever


( 25php each) unless indicated

Love Is The Reason
Nasa Puso Mo Ang Bukas
MLMH: Eduardo Bernardino- 50php


Heart Lullabies 65php each

Picture-perfect Couple
Love More Than A Love Song


PHR Gothic Romance

My Midnight- 384pages- 220php
My Sunset-384pages-220php

Los Matadores BULLRIDING-65php each unless indicated
1. Airmond Carpio
2. Jacob Briton
3. Travis Lerma-384 pages- 220php
4.Gulliver Pasaje- 256pages- 150php
5. Jasper Pardini
6. Logan Gumatay
7. Brylle Gaza
8. Vinzent del Mundo
9. Frank Enzi Mercurio
10. Nicolas Santa Cruz
11. Jack Obert Contreras
12. Phillip Moreno

Los Primerinos Series 50php each
#1: Romano Manalo and the Lady of Sorrow
#2: Curtis Riosanto and Nash s Woman
#4: Pancho Yturralde ll and the Reluctant Lover
#7: Zebulon Alday and the Matchmaker
#10: Silas Aguila and the Little Fire
#11: Kingsley Blanqueza and the Maudlin Temptress 1
#12: Kingsley Blanqueza and the Maudlin Temptress 2

Chain of Hearts Series 50php each

#1: my little boy blue
#3: IOU
#5: My telltale heart
#6: dear stranger
#7: all the things you are
#8: it's love, love, love

Single Novels ( 30php each) unless indicated

Miyaki s Story
Basta t tayong dalawa
For the Love of Cinnamon
Heart: Not For Sale
The Lunatic I m Looking For ( A Special Edition) 256 pages- 150php
I Remember the Boy -256pages -150php
Tubig at Langis- 256pages 150php
My Wife s Stepdaughter- 384pages- 220php
Lucky 384pages- 220php


( 25php each)

BLT: Si Zach, Lindie at si Santie 1
BLT: Si Zach, Lindie at si Santie 2
I ll Never Let You Go


MAN OF MY DREAMS 65php each ( sold as set )

#1: Tall, Dark & Dangerous
#2: Mr. Sungit
#3: Mr. Irresistible
#4 The Passionate Devil
#5: Hearththrob
#6: Mysterious Lover 1
#7: Mysterious Lover 2
#8: The Arrogant Seducer
#9: The Cold- Hearted Hawk
#10: Midnight Solitaire
#11: The Tamed Lion
#12: The Tender Beast 1
#13: The Tender Beast 2
#14: The Heartless Cupid 1
#15: The Heartless Cupid 2
#16: The Ruthless Romantic 1
#17: The Ruthless Romantic 2
#18: The Gorgeous Intruder
#19: The Iron Eagle 1
#20: The Iron Eagle 2

Man of my Dreams #43: The Stranger In My Bed 2- 25php

Hope: The Traitor s Kiss 1- 25php


BRAVEHEART SERIES 65php each sold as set

#1: Alvaro Borromeo ( Cinderello)
#2: Benicarlo Ocampo ( Relentless Lover)
#3: Chino Villareal ( Helpless Romantic)
#4: Divina Ocampo ( Paradise Seeker)
#5: Ezekiel Falcon ( Patient Bird)
#6: Flynn Falcon ( Free Spirit)
#7: Gemino Falcon ( Heart Tamer)
#8: Harmon Abreira (Masquerading Cynic)
#9: Ismael Araneta ( Feet Kisser)
#10: Jade Buenviaje ( The Substitute)

Eternity Series 65php each ( sold as set )

#1: heart and soul
#2: partners in crime
#3: a piece of heaven
#4: love between the lines
#5: primrose
#6: miss wedding specialist

Single Novels ( 30php each) unless indicated

Isla Sanctuario (Love Paradise)A Special Edition -256 pages 150php
sir richard 1 -35php
sir richard 2-35php
Unlikely Text Pals
Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw, mahal kita
Accidental Lovers 25php


PHR Gothic Romance

The Eternal Kiss-384pages- 220php

The Petersons 65php each (sold as set)
1. Jed ( My Sweet s Heart)
2. Gabe( Be My Honey,My Sugar, My Cherry Pie)
3. Trick ( Somebody s Darling)
4. Lee (He s My Baby)
5. Aris ( The Beloved Betrayer)

Aseron Weddings 65php each unless indicated

As Long As You Love Me
Anywhere For You
I ll Be There For You-256pages- 150php
I ll Never Break Your Heart- 256pages- 150ph
If I Don t Have You- 256pages- 150php
You re My Safest Place to Hide-256pages- 150php

Single Novels 65php each
Mr. Irresistible
My Prince Not So Charming
Somewhere, My Prince
The Royall s Pleasure
Wedding Bells For The Duchess
The Prince And Emily
If the Heart Can t See
The Count s Missing Lady
Minnie Mackay
Being With You
My Imperfect Lover
The Duke s Ex


The Generals Angels (batch1) 1,000.00php (sold as set)

#1: beretta subido
#2: bernardelli subido
#3: sterline subido
#5: smitha subido
#6: wilbur ariettano
#7: wessona subido

batch 2

#8: veronica purisima
#9: magdalene purisima
#10: gabe purisima
#11: mary claire purisima
#12: carrie purisima

The Bachelorettes Series 65php each ( sold as set )
#1: Carnation: The Veterinarian
#2: Violet, The Businesswoman
#3: Azalea, The Ballerina
#4: Primrose, The Architect
#5: Gumamela, The Maid
#6: Lily, The flower arranger

The Bachelors Series (30php each)
#19: Miguel, the obstetrician
#20: russel, the executive
#22: renzo, the traveler
#23: athen, the fisherman
#25: keith, the psychiatrist
#27: simoun peter, the ex-seminarian
#28: warren the florist
#29: carlitos ferdinand, the rancher
#35: onin, the faith healer
#38: menandrei, the physical therapist

Single Novel
I can't help falling IN-love with you-(All Time Favorite Collections)- 30php

I Wish You'll Be Mine-(All Time Favorite Collections) -30php

Working Girl: Just Stay With Me- 25php


Lothario Series 75php each

#1: Luis Inaki " Lucky" de Angelo 1
#3: Duero Leon " DL" DeLeste 1
#4: Duero Leon " DL" DeLeste 2
#5: Russel Valdeverro 1
#6: Russel Valdeverro 2
#7: Marco Buenavista 1
#8: Marco Buenavista 2
#9. Jethro "Jett" Remulla 1
#10. Jethro "Jett" Remulla 2
#11: Azul "Blue" del Rosario 1
#12: Azul "Blue" del Rosario 2


The Geeks Place 65php each (sold as set)

Wren's Square-Headed Girlfriend
Macky's Seagull Manager
Rob's Starter Marriage
Roarke's Schoolie


Fairy Tales And A Love Bet 65php each ( sold as set)

Fairy Tales And A Love Bet 1: Cindy
Fairy Tales And A Love Bet 2: Kelly
Fairy Tales And A Love Bet 3: Barby
Fairy Tales And A Love Bet 4: Casey

Shakespearean Tales And A Love Revenge 65php each ( sold as set)

Shakespearean Tales And A Love Revenge 1: The Midsummer Night's Dream of Mandy

Shakespearean Tales And A Love Revenge 2: Much A Do About Stacey
Shakespearean Tales And A Love Revenge 3: The Taming of Tracey

St. Catherine University 65 each unless indicated
Campus Girl: Gemme, The Cheerleader
Campus Girl: Vee, The Pretty Witch
Campus Girl: Jela, The Drama Club Actress
Campus Girl: Starr, The Bratinella- 144pages- 75php
Campus Girl: Claudette, The Queen Bee
Campus Girl: Ashlee, The Rock Diva-144pages-75php
Campus Girl: Pearl, The Sweetheart
Campus Girl: Rikki, The Racket Queen

Single Novels

Fortune of The Heart- 384pages- 220php
Wishing For A Star- 384pages-220php


Wedding Girls Series (30php each)
#10: charity, the wedding emcee
#11: maxine, the wedding photographer

Class Pictures Series (30php each)

#4. My Secret Crush And Fantasy Book 2
#5. High School Flame
#6. January for August
#7. Finding Treasure Finding Love


Love.. the second time around Series 65php each (sold as set)

#1: Kailangan kong limutin ka
#2: Don't Give up on us
#3: Ibababa ko ang langit
#4: More than you'll ever know
#5: Love at first kiss
#6: Honey
#7: Kahit nagbago ka na


Tanangco Boys - 750php (sold as set)

Darrel James Luciano: Dreaming of You
Rene Roy Cagalingan: Mahal Kita Mr. Cagalingan
Rio Vanni Cruz: Falling In love With Chef Vanni
Archie Ding Santos: Runaway
Joneil Victor Pineda: Someone Like You
Ken Charles Pederico: Irresistibly Loving You
Humphrey Lombredas: It Started When You Smiled
Jared Bandonillo: Hate that I Love You
Justin Karl Chua: Saving My Love For You
Leonardo Apilado: Ipagpatawad Mo


Calle Pogi Series 750.00 php (sold as set)

Calle Pogi 1: Buwi
Calle Pogi 2: Waki
Calle Pogi 3: Lian
Calle Pogi 4: Makisig
Calle Pogi 5: Haru
Calle Pogi 6: Matt
Calle Pogi 7: Sage
Calle Pogi 8: Ryu
Calle Pogi 9: Drei
Calle Pogi 10: Bucho

Single Novel
Sleeping heart- 25php


Club Rex Series 65php each ( sold as set )

#1: Sa Dalampasigan ng kaligayahan
#2: Sa lilim ng bahaghari
#4: Kailan magwawakas ang kahapon?
#5: Paraiso sa lupa
#6: the perfect wife
#7: buhay ko ang buhay mo
#8: you are my world
#9: the love of my life
#10: what you mean to me
#11: my lover, my friend
#12: With all my heart and soul
#13: looking through the eyes of love
#14: lighthouse of my heart
#15: when tomorrow comes
#16: a perfect world
#17: close to heaven
#18: One moment in time
#19:lend me a rainbow
#20:treasure of love
#21: trained to love

( 30php each )
Soul Mates
Abot-Kamay na Kaligayahan
Cotton Candy Kisses
MLMH: Rocky
Men Undercover:The Inner League2-To Track down a panther
Men Undercover:The Inner League3-To bond with a jaguar
When I See You Smile
Ano ang Hatid ng Bukas? (All Time Favorite Collections)


The BFF Trilogy 65php each (sold as set)
#1: Benevolent Brielle
#2: Fair Fiel
#3: Fervent Fawne


Single Novel 30each

My Mischievous Star
A Love Worth Waiting For


K.R.Y Trilogy 65php each ( sold as set)
1. Marcus ( Seven Years of Love)
2. Nathan ( If I Love You More)
3. Jerome ( It Has To Be You)


Kristine Series (book1-book55) - 4300.00 php (sold as set) FREE SHIPPING FEE (LUZVIMIN) THRU 2GO

Sweetheart Series 65php each unless indicated
1. Sweetheart
2. Lavander Lace
3. You Belong To my Heart
4. My Knight in Shining Armour
5. All My Love
6. Mrs. Winters
7. Somewhere Between Lovers & Friends
8. My Cheating Heart (150php)
10. How Did I Fall In Love With You (150php)
11. My Own True Love (150php)
12. Charles Angel (150php)
13. Someday My Prince (150php)
14. Sen sual (220php)
15. A Kiss Remembered (75php)
16. My Wayward Wife (220php)
17. Someone to Watch over Me (150php)
18. My Longtime Friend, My One-week Wife (150php)

Martha Cecilia's Collection (65php each unless indicated)

Kung Kaya Mo Nang Sabihing Mahal Mo Ako
Leia, my Love
Ganoon Kita Kamahal
Ang Lalaking ni Hindi ko Pinangarap
Love Trap (75php)
Almost a Fairy Tale (75php)
Only You
I'm Crazy For You
Midnight Phantom ( 75php)
Dominic ( My Love, My Hero)
First time I Saw You
Regina & Luke ( My Lovely Bride)
Sinner or Saint (75php)
Sunset and You (150php)
Sagada, Nayakap ko ang mga ulap-256pages (150php)
El Paradiso- (220php)
JSS- 256pages (150php)
Pangako 256 pages(150php)
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
Be My Love, Katherine
Ikaw, Ikaw ang Iniibig Ko
Forbidden Love
Beloved Enemy
Marry Me, Stranger (75php)


Single Novels- 30php each unless indicated
*Aurora ( May Ngiti Ang Bagong Umaga )
*...SECRETS: Saan Nagsisimula ang Pag-ibig
* Mesmerized- 256pages- 150php


Astoria s Place 65php each ( sold as set )
1. The Founder: Ramsey Pizarro
2. The Engineer: Augustus Paku Regencio
3. The Architect: Kalton Pelaez
4. The Interior Designer: Deena Tambengco
5. The First Tenant- Valiant Regencio
6. The General Manager: Diwata Sarangaya


THE EAGLE AND DOVE SERIES (book1-book14)- 1,100.00 php (sold as set)

BLACK BUREAU ELITE SERIES 850.00 php (sold as set) 11 books
#1: Back In My Arms Again 1
#2: Back In My Arms Again 2
#3: My Kind Of Guy ( Agent Einstein)
#4: His Raine To Protect ( Agent Trail)
#5: Until She's Safe ( Agent Panther)
#6: That Agent Is My Life ( Agent Blade)

Danger: Falling IN love (Agent Professor)

Love is In Charge ( Agent Chamelon)

But She Conquered My Heart ( Agent Whisper)
In Black & White Agent Elektra

Mayhem In Disguise: Agent Bookworm

MEN BREAKERS SERIES 65php each (sold as set)

#1: Annabella Almandrajeros
#2: Shannon Elizabeth Perineal
#3: Julienne Grace Perineal
#4: Bianca Luisa Quieta
#5: Athena da Roza
#6: Honey Victoria Evaristo

Single Novel
Joey Loves Pepper- 45php


Single Novels 25php each
My Little Rose
Muling Sulyap SA Pag-Ibig
Bulong ng Puso Mo'y Pag-ibig


Four Some Love Some Series (sold as set) 390php only

the story of us book 1
the story of us book 2
the story of us book 3
the story of us book 4
the story of us book 5
the story of us book 6

Single Novel
Miss Barangay Toritori- (All Time Favorite Collections) -30php

Si Playboy at si Tomboy- 25php

When Will You Be Mine? 25php


Single Novel ( 30php each)
Against All Odds
My Blue-Eyed Girl



Trini ( Tales of the Traveling Bling)
Blinky ( Tales of the Traveling Bling)
Michelle ( Tales of the Traveling Bling)
Ignacia ( Tales of the Traveling Bling)
Race ( Tales of the Traveling Bling)
Camille ( Tales of the Traveling Bling)

BLUSH SERIES 65php each

#1: Encrushed
#2: Crush Clash
#3: Crush Curse
#4: Oh, Nicky, You re so fine!
#5: The Prom Queen
#6: Dreaming of You
#7: Sinisinta Kita, Tunay na Tunay
#8:My Girl, Brini
#9: Jack In The Box

Ang Akin Ay Akin, Ang Iyo Ay Akin Pa Rin- 85php

Bud Brothers Series 65php each
1. Stupid Cupids
2. My Golly, Wow Betsy!
3. Red Roses for a Blue Lady
4. Tail, You Lose, Head, You re Mine
5. He s the One
7. Once In a Lifetime Love
8. Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered

Bud Brothers Unlimited Series 65php each unless indicated

1. Curious Rufus And the Jilted Daffodil
2. Ponce d Pogi and d Promdi
3. Rascus Maximus Guapus
4. A Peony For Your Thoughts
5. Ring Around the Rosie
6. Shiela Gumamela
7. Hyacinth and the Bad Guy
8. Petunia and Fidel ( Awesome Twosome)
9. Holly Is Thy Name
10. (The Bloomer Bandits) An Introduction 256pages 150php
11. (The Bloomer Bandits) Gordian
12. (The Bloomer Bandits) Antenor
13. (The Bloomer Bandits) Hutch-256pages 150php
15. (The Bloomer Bandits)Miles
16. (The Bloomer Bandits) Chuck
17. (The Bloomer Bandits) Victoriano
18. (The Bloomer Bandits) Drick
19. (The Bloomer Bandits) Buboy
21. (The Bloomer Bandits) Rehan
22. (The Bloomer Bandits) Luisito

A Maty Go Mystery 65php each unless indicated

1. Bad Hair Day- 256pages- 150php
2. Fernando s Hideaway
3. Cat in the Bag
4. Maty Go Mystery: Wedded Bliss

Single Novels

Somewhere in My Heart- 30php
Butterfly Kisses For You-144pages- 35php


( 25php each)
silver spoon #1: miss high and mighty
silver spoon #4: the enchanting screw


boys don't cry series 65php each (sold as set)

boys don't cry series 1: Tattoed on my mind 1
boys don't cry series 2: Tattoed on my mind 2
boys don't cry series 3: lifetime agreement
boys don't cry series 4: love rules 1
boys don't cry series 5: love rules 2
boys don't cry series 6: My trusting heart
boys don't cry series 7: Loving you for too long
boys don't cry series 8: someone like you

Single Novels
Isla Blanca ( All Time Favorite Collections)- 30php
Say That You Love Me- 25php
Bratinella: Irish- 25php


The Toy Boys 65php each (sold as set)
#1: Dominic
#2: Bartolomeo
#3: Brandon

Single Novel
Flip s Love 30php


Hearts For Rent Series 65php each
#2: One Gloomy Heart
#3: Two Irresistible Hearts
#4: An Innocent Heart
#5: One Bittersweet Heart
#7: An Immortal Heart
#8: A Blue Heart
#9: A Persistent Heart
#10: A Good Heart

Single Novel
Let's Get Married- 25php


Conquering the Pirate Lord- (256pages)- 150php
Silang, The Fierce Warrior-(256pages)-150php


The Billionaire Boys Club 1000.00php (sold as set)

#1: Treize Cordova
#2: Randolf Emmanuel Fontanilla
#3: Juanito "Yeoji" Buenzalido
#4: Denniz Serrano
#5: Zech Marquez
#6: Lantis Nakago
#7: Sivanus Arellano
#8: Vincent Noblejas
#9:Vash Illustre
#10: Rex Lagdameo
#11 Ken Arboleda
#12 Rath Arboleda

Los Caballeros Series 65php each (sold as set)
1. Basta Para Sa Yo
2. Simply Meant to Be
3. Pustahan Tayo, Mahal Kita
4. My Love, My Hero
5. Guilty of Loving You
6. I Love You and It s All Right
7. My Girl

Rancho Estate Series 65php each
#8: A Daily Dose of Tender Lovin Dr. Raizen
#9: Rachel s Sweet Surrender

Single Novels (30php each)
Love At Second Sight
Captain Of My Heart
Kiss & Tell


SKYLANDER SERIES 880.00php (sold as set)

#1: Jet Lee and His Secret Heart
#2: Rui Of The Dark Night
#3: Rohann, Heart of the Raging Storm 1
#4: Rohann, Heart of the Raging Storm 2
#5: Aki In The Mist
#6: Arwen's Skyland Heart
#7: Michael James, Child of the Rain
#8: Charming Neo
#9: Sapphire, Mystic Moonlight
#10: Kristoffer Carlo, The Highland Devil
#12: Fawna, Summer Breeze

Stallion Series 65php each unless indicated

1: Jubei Bernardo by Sonia Francesca
2: Eneru Villasis by Sonia Francesca
3: Gino Santayana by Sofia
4: Hiro Hinata by Sofia
6: Neiji Villaroza by Sonia Francesca
7: Yue Anthony Zheng by Sofia
8: Gabryel Honasan by Sofia


9: Brad Crawford by Sonia Francesca
12: Yozack Florencio by Sonia Francesca
13: Zell Zapanta by Sonia Francesca
14: Emrei Rafiq by Sofia
15: Romanov Cuerido by Sofia
16: Jason Erwin Dean by Sofia
17: Crawford Orena by Sofia
18: Kester Mondragon by Sofia


19: Philippe Jacobs by Sofia
22: Beiron Rafiq by Sofia
23: Reichen Alleje by Sofia
24: Reid Alleje 1 by Sofia
25: Reid Alleje 2 by Sofia


26: Pipo de Vera by Sonia Francesca
27: Johann Cristobal by Sofia
28: Daboi Bustamante by Sonia Francesca
29: Gianpaolo Aragon by Sofia
30: Angelo Exel Formosa by Sonia Francesca (Readers' Choice)
31: Thyago Palacios by Sofia
33: Hayden Anthony Ilano by Sofia
34: Rozen Aldeguer by Sonia Francesca
35: Joziah Gatchalian by Sofia
36: Cloud Montanez by Sonia Francesca
37: Eizhiro Figuerao by Sofia
38: Zairo Montevedra by Sofia
39: Hans Cervantes by Sonia Francesca
40: Baxter Saavedra by Sonia Francesca
42: Danrick Tezzoro by Sofia
43: Ricos Caderao by Sonia Francesca
44: Richard Don Robles by Sofia
46: Myco Gosiaco 1 by Sofia
47: Myco Gosiaco 2 by Sofia
48: Reiven Alleje- 220php
50: Trigger Samaniego 1 by Sonia Francesca
51: Trigger Samaniego 2 by Sonia Francesca
52: Jigger Samaniego 1 by Sonia Francesca
53: Jigger Samaniego 2 by Sonia Francesca

Stallion Series Revisited (65 each)
2. Ruki Takizawa

Stallion Island Series (65php each) unless indicated

1. Misha Santoros
2. Jayson Alden Arcena
3. Yzaak Argoncillo
4. Leigh Armaund Lopez
7. Allesandrace Sandejas
9. Warren Li
10. Julian Veron Yun (150php)
12. Noah Ames Munieca
14. Zachary Fontana (150php)


PHR Gothic Romance

Love Immortal- 256pages- 150php

The Vampire Diaries (translated by Vanessa) 200 each

l. The Awakening
ll. The Struggle
lll. The Fury

DARK CHOCOLATE SERIES 550.00php (sold as set)

DARK CHOCOLATE 1:Sweet Deceptions, Love In Disguise
DARK CHOCOLATE 2:Sugary Lies, Hearts On Fire
DARK CHOCOLATE 3:Luscious Sins, Love Aflame
DARK CHOCOLATE 4:Hearts in Doubt, Delightful Surprise
DARK CHOCOLATE 6:Triple Treat, Love Reassured
DARK CHOCOLATE 7:Decadent Secrets, Sugar-coated Lies, Lovers Paradise 1
DARK CHOCOLATE 8:Decadent Secrets, Sugar-coated Lies, Lovers Paradise 2

(sold as set)
BARBERIA SERIES 1:Binibining Barbero
BARBERIA SERIES 2:Waiter, Barber, Engineer, Lover
BARBERIA SERIES 3:Kasal-kasalan
BARBERIA SERIES 4:Heart Emergencys
BARBERIA SERIES 6:Hey, Jealousy!

CHARADE SERIES 65php each ( sold as set)

Charade Series 1: The Way I Love You
Charade Series 3: Proud Love
Charade Series 4: Let Me In Your Heart
Charade Series 5: Hero Of My Heart
Charade Series 6 :The Key to You

PEPPER SERIES 65php each
02. Hon. Gabriel Torillo
04. Leonardo Torillo
06. Narciso Fortunato
09: Tatha 1
10: Tatha 2
11: Kay-ri
12: Du-an at Ingga
14: Alaia 1
15: Alaia 2

17: Miles Encarnacion
18: Pipay
19: Julio
21: Gaye Elizalde

22. River
23. Popo
24. Lara
26. Andrea 1
27. Andrea 2
28. Autumn
29. Hershey

Territorio de Los Hombres 65php each unless indicated

Batch 2: The Original Sin Band

15. Honesto One-D Dizon 1
16. Honesto One-D Dizon 2

Batch 3: The Doctors

34. Dr. Elviz Zeko

Batch 5
51. Malvar Mercedes -256pages (150php)
54. Ross Reyes
55. Juan Gorospe-256pages (150php)
56. Woogey Waguinto
57. Marcial Ortega- 256pages (150php)

The Don's Boys Series 65php each
#2: Jaldon Miguel Contreras1
#3: Jaldon Miguel Contreras2
#5. Lucas Arogante
#7. Bernad Burgos1
#8. Bernad Burgos2
#9.Maximo Arnaiz
#10. Alfonso de Oro

( 30php each) unless indicated

Strawberries and chocolates ( All Time Favorite Collections)
Toby Loves Candy ( All Time Favorite Collections)
Isang Gabi sa Piling Mo ( All Time Favorite Collections)
Pepe 35php
working girl #33 maRK Of Love
groove fever #2: Rhythms, Desires
groove fever #3: Two To Tango
Friends For Always 2: Kelly


The Valderozas Sisters Trilogy (65php each) sold as set
1. Mary (Maria s Big Bad Wolfe)
2. Maki ( Conveniently Yours)
3. Maja(Under the Sweet Circumstances)


PHR Gothic Romance

The Cursed Healer- 256pages- 150php
Masked Man- 384pages- 220php

Heart Secrets And Songs Trilogy (65php each) sold as set
1. Jack Rheus And The Cheerful Heart
2. Paige And The Playful Heart
3. Louie and The Doubtful Heart

Lovefinder (65php each)
1. Lovefinder: Morning Smile
2. Lovefinder: Sunset Tears
3. Lovefinder: Twilight Song
4. Lovefinder: Midnight Dream
5. Lovefinder: Dawn Kiss
6. Lovefinder: Eternal Promise

Lovefinder PostScripts ( 65each )
1. Lovefinder PostScripts:Third And Neish
2. Lovefinder PostScripts: Fredd and Shyn
3. Lovefinder PostScripts: Thom And Dee
4. Lovefinder PostScripts: Jim And Lexi
5. Lovefinder PostScripts: Ram and Zenne
6. Lovefinder PostScripts: Rei and Zelle
7. Lovefinder PostScripts: Heart s Deception ( Ben and Honey)
8. Lovefinder PostScripts: Heart s Revenge (Randy and Luna)
9. Lovefinder PostScripts: Heart s Secret (Winston and Maxine)
10. Lovefinder PostScripts: Heart s Wish ( Verge and Sarah)

Assorted authors

Love and Magic (65each)

1. Ang Babae sa Bintana- Dawn Igloria
2. King s Tears- Sofia
3. Hiwaga ng Pag-ibig- Kathleen Guiller
4. Ang Wonderland ni Alice- Dawn Igloria
5. Once in a Red Moon- Sofia
6. A Fairy Love Affair-Kathleen Guiller

Txtlyf- 65php each

#1: you don't know me- Rose Tan
#2: text me..no goodbyes- Elizabeth McBride
#4: so text me, my sweet- Dawn Igloria
#5:sabi mo sa text, love mo 'ko- Andrea Coronel
#6: until I found you- Bernadette Cerdan
#7: kooky and baroomby- Camilla
#8:my angel textmate-Dawn Igloria
#9: how can I text you I love you?- Sofia
#10: my blind date- Elizabeth McBride
#11: Texters in love- Jasmine Esperanza
#12: text me, my heart-Noelle Arroyo
#13: text me, buddy- Bianca Zarragosa
#14: text Squeeze- Camilla
#15: My Textmate Jaime-Vanessa
#16: beloved textmate- Bianca Zarragosa
#17: text back ka, mahal kita- Camilla
#18: Friends & clues #1:My heart above my head- Camilla
#19: Friends & clues #2: chances are- Camilla
#20: could it be love?- Jasmine Esperanza
#21: ang torpe at ang baduy- Vanessa
#22: Friends & clues #3: Something stupid- Camilla
#23: Text in Love- Eleonor Solis
#24: Ikaw Pala- Aleia
#26: Nutty Text Chum- Dawn Igloria
#27:Not just a textmate- Elizabeth Mcbride
#28: under a beautiful sky- Racquel Panganiban
#29: wrong send, right love- Sofia
#30: my textmate, my prince- Sheryll Barredo
#31:ang bebe ko- Vanessa
#32: i-send mo nga ang puso mo- Elizabeth McBride
#33:textmates in love#1: Spiderman's legacy- Sharmaine Galvez
#34: if I let you go-Eleonor Solis
#35: textmates in love #2: text me, my angel-Sharmaine Galvez
#36:love vibration- Vanessa
#37:textmates in love#3: sweet honesty- Sharmaine Galvez

Harlequin Mills Boon 35php each unless indicated

A suitable groom translated by : Sheena Rose

Delivered: One family- translated by: Cherie Rosales

The Passion Bargain- translated by: Camilla

Baby of Shame- translated by: Iris Anne

The Millionaire's Cinderella wife- translated by:Salve Canale- 45php

Tycoon For Hire: translated by: Iris Anne

The Millionaire & His Lovely Miss Manners- translated by:Iris Anne

Ruthless awakening- translated by: Iris Anne

getting red-hot with the rouge- translated by: Sumire Villegas

Dream date with the millionaire- translated by: Salve Canale- 45php

Marchese's Forgotten Bride: translated by: Sofia

The Diakos Baby Scandal: translated by: Dawn Igloria

Emma's Passionate Encounter- translated by: Janis delos Reyes

The Magic of a Family Christmas- translated by:Preciosa Samaniego

Dating The Rebel Tycoon- translated by: Sumire Villegas

The Greek's Long Lost Son- translated by: Iris Anne

The Blackmailed Bride- translated by: Jade Alleje

Men in Blue series (35php each) unless indicated

#6: operation: mr wrong- Laurice Del Rio
#9: to love or not to love- Claudia Santiago
#37: a message of love- Ana Katrina Velasco
#38: Perfect Love- Sheila Mendoza
#50: a devil in disguise- Heart Yngrid- 144pages- 40php

My Love My Hero- 85php each

Jacob- Flora Simon-Rivera
Nicholas- Jinky Jamolin
Mark- Flora Simon-Rivera
Rake- Jinky Jamolin
Oliver- Pilar I. Magarro
MitchI- Martha Cecilia
Mitch2- Martha Cecilia

Love Cafe (35 each)

1. Cappuccino Kind Of Love- Claudia Santiago
2. Yakap- Dawn Igloria
8. Run Away With Me- Sheila Mendoza
9.Breakfast At Courtney s
11. Love Kita, Love Mo Siya- Elizabeth Mcbride

Jewels (35each)

#4: Topaz: Lucky Charm- Vanessa
#5: Diamond: Finders Keepers- Rose Tan
#6: Opal: The Virus Called Love- Noelle Arroyo
#7: Diamond: Treasure Heart- Rose Tan
#11: Diamond: Can t Afford My Love- Noelle Arroyo
#14: Emerald: Cat s Eye- Maureen Apilado

My Lovely Bride ( 45 each)

Leni & Ricardo- Hilda Amor

Kayla & Alvin- Bianca Zarragosa

Lirio & Felipe- Alicia Oliveros

Aislinn & Henry- Noelle Arroyo

Taciana & Gregorio- Elizabeth Mcbride

Single Novels ( 30php ) unless indicated

Kentarou Saito- Cassandra- 256pages- 150php
Stellar Tempest ( Forever And As Always) -Vemille- 256pages 150php
The Beauty Queen And the Geek- Ashlene Javier
By Heart- Fiorella
My Prince- Belle Feliz
When I See You Smile- Arvie Fe Espinosa
Can t Fight this Feeling- Black Rose
More than A Fairy tale- Wilhelmina
When Love And Hate Collide- Maan Beltran =144 pages =45php
Music, Love & Kisses- Lei Ann Ambers
Rain In My Summer- Janikka Bernardo
Sullen princess- Yasmin Joo
Mailap ang Puso- Emily Loris

25php each
Love Hurts- Bernadette Licarte
My Love And Devotion- Fiona Escovar
Portrait 4: Kimberly Nicole ( Iba ang Kahapon sa Ngayon)- Greta Rose Quintero
Come Back To Me-Guiliana Estrella
Aminin Mo na!- Ada Louise
Girl in the Mirror- May Ramos
Bounty Heart, Love Is My Reward- Suzzaine Angelu
More than Enough Reason- Wanda
Waiting for Mr. Right- Francine Molina
Iloveyou, Miss Deceitful- Kathleen Guiller

VALENTINE ROMANCES- 90's Pbs- 100php each

Bigkasin Mong Muli Na I Love You - Maria Elena Cruz
Ang Poot Ay Pag-ibig- Liza DelCruz
Miss BodyGuard- Gilda Olvidado
Si Aldo O Si Leo O Si Fil- Maia Jose
Ako y Sadyang Iyung-iyo- Josie Aventurado
Kulam, Gayuma, O Pag-Ibig- Maia Jose
First Love, First Kiss- Liza DelCruz
Stupid Cupid- Maria Elena Cruz
Dahil Ikaw y Natatangi- Maia Jose
May ESP ang Pag-ibig- Maria Elena Cruz

Mode of payment:
cebuana lhuillier


Buyers are responsible to pay all associated shipping cost


-minimum of 500php per purchase order

For faster transaction text me here 0948-3358850
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pwd mgphanap sau ng old buks?? si arielle ang author... hnd xa phr.. bka my alam ka ngbebenta ng 2nd hand pbuk or palitan jan s inyo, pa pm or add me s fb betilafea suzuki po ako if ok lang... salamat
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PHR 4 Sale
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