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 PHR for sale

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PostSubject: PHR for sale   Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:11 pm

Looking for tagalog romance novels? Books? Here, are my collections of tagalog pocketbooks.
Feel free to browse, who knows, perhaps what you’ve been looking for ages are listed here..^_^
Any questions in mind? Here’s where you could contact me.. 0928-2151-317 or 09155368425

Flip page has a small request to you:

Please.. please..PLEASE..wag naman pong magpapa reserve ng hindi pa siguradong bibilhin at walang balak bilhin! Please be considerate naman po..manghinayang kayo sa oras at load na nasasayang..Thank you!

Have a nice day! ^_^

Precious Heart Romances

<33 pesos each>

Almira Jose
-The dream team [Hutch Osena]

Aloha Jade
Along came Penny

Angel Bautista
-To love again
-Perfect Fit
-Waiting for love
-Kailan kita pwedeng mahalin?
-All about love
-When Ces met Nathan
-Hot Intruder: Alex, the lucky intruder
-The Reality Show Series: Prinsesa ng teleserye
- : Prince of thieves
- : Loving Capt. Luke aka action hero
- : Truth or Dare

-Freedom series 5 (Camaro)
-Club 56: Vishnu (Permanence)
-Kampilan Trilogy: The warrior

Belle Feliz
-Happy ever after
-Teenage love story
-A fairy tale
-Constantly in love
-Hot Intruder: Contessa’s Intruder
-A love story
-Villa Cattleya (Mad love)

-[My love my hero] Harry james maravilla
-Si inhinyero at si muning
-Kailan nagiging totoo ang isang biro?
-Dancing with an angel
-Luntiang pag ibig para kay Jimeno
-Nandito ka sa puso ko
-Hanggang kailan maghihintay ang pag ibig?
-Love can wait
-Nandito ka sa puso ko
-Prelude to love
-Olivia’s love contract

-Its time you love me, too
-[Harlequin Mills Boon] The passion bargain

Dawn Igloria
-Helplessly Falling
-Zairo’s kiss
-A walk to forever

Dream Grace
-A penny for Cade
-Allie’s chase
-Your lying heart
-The Count’s missing lady
-The Prince and Emily
-Wedding bells for the Duchess
-My not so charming prince
-The Royall’s pleasure
-Hot intruder: the gallant intruder

Elizabeth McBride
-May panahon ba para sa atin?

Gypsy Esguerra
-Cupid’s arrow

Heart Yngrid
-Drop dead playgirl
-Falling into you
-Treasure in your heart
-Love Contract
-Love me again: Scheming hearts
-Love me again: Love and revenge
-Shakespearean Tales and a Love revenge trilogy
-The midsummer night’s dream of Mandy
-Much ado about Stacy
-The taming of Tracey
-SCU Campus Girl: Gemme, the cheerleader
: Jela, the drama club actress
: Pearl, the sweetheart
: Rikki, the racket queen
: Anikka, the free spirit
: Maxene, the boyish girl
: Helen, the foxy cinderella
-Hot intruder: The mysterious intruder
-Don’t mess with my heart

Kayla Caliente
-In my heart and in my soul

Kyra Gray
-Maybe this time

Laurice del Rio
-[My lovely bride] Phoebe & Lloyd
-My beloved temptress

Martha Cecilia
-Kristine Series [Ang sisiw at ang agila]
- [Dahil ikaw]
- [Franco Navarro]
- [Wild heart 2]
- [Magic moment]
- [Endlessly 3]
- [Romano]
- [One wish 2]
- [James Navarro 2]
- [My wild heiress 2]
- [The blue eyed devil 2]
- [Wild passion 2]
- [Have you looked into my heart? 2]
- [Ivan Henrick]
- [Trace Lavigne 2]
- [ The Warrior: Brad Santa de Leones 1, 2, & 3]
- [Alessandro Leon 3]
- [Kapeng barako at krema 2]
- Only you
-Sweetheart 1
- 2 Lavander lace
- 4 My knight in shining armor
- 6 Mrs Winters
- 7 Somewhere between lovers and friends
- 15 A kissed remembered
- 18 My long time friend, my one week wife (85 pesos)
-[My Love, My Hero] Mitch 2

Mei Sanchez
The boy next door

Noelle Arroyo
-Ain’t no other man
-Best love is..
-For better or worse, friends
-Strings of the heart
-The substitute groom
-Danger: Falling in love (Agent Professor)
-Daytime dreams
-My sweet, innocent, lovely brat
-In love with a reformed rascal
-What you mean to me
-In love and in denial
-[The Eagle and the Dove series 1-14 except #6]

Patt Valentino
-The barbaric lover
-The animated tamer

Princess Faye
-Once upon a time in El Nido
-Our little secret
-Memories of winter
-A second chance in spring
-My little starling
-To be your number one
-Wanted Mr. Perfect
-My own star
-Of love and serendipity
- My clumsy love
-Operation: Reinventing Melai Ibasco

Sharmaine Galvez
-Karugtong ng isang kahapon
-My right to love
-Say that you love me
-[Working girls] Come home with me

Sheena Rose
Persuading kumi

Perhaps love
Sweet colored kisses
A stroke of love called you
-[Harlequin Mills Boon] The billionaire’s bride of vengeance

-Love curse

-My second chance to love
-A breath of faith

<37 pesos each>

Aya Myers
At first sight
Paint my love
You had me at hello
Three words, Eight letters, One heart
When miss NBSB meets mr bully

Dawn Igloria
Falling for the klutz prince

Noelle Arroyo
Out of eden

<40 pesos each>

Dream Grace
-Beauty of the beast
-The Petersons 1: Jed
- 3: Trick
- 4: Lee
- 5: Aris

Heart Yngrid
-Falling into you
-Tipsy in love

Martha Cecilia
-[All time Favorite] First time I saw you
- Be my love, Katherine

Super Rare PB’s..

< 50 pesos each>

Anne Marie
Circle of friends (Mariz 2)

Heart Yngrid
-My lovely bride (Kimberlee and Markshin)

Jasmine Esperanza
-My Lovely Bride: Julie & Froilan

Jinky Jamolin
-My Lovely Bride: Alyssa & Gilbert

Noelle Arroyo
-Friends & Kisses 4: Megan
-My lovely bride (Erika and Jiggy)
-A lifetime affair
-MYMH: Alessandro Mojica

Sharmaine Galvez
-One summer love
-[My lovely bride] Luvimi & Jeric
-[Les homes d’ affaires] Travis Innocentes
- Marco Alcaraz 1
-[Los Amigos] Rolan
- Nick
-Bratinella Series : # 1 Reja
: # 2 Ezra
: # 3 Lexi
: # 4 Irish
: # 6 Cassey

<90 pesos each>

Elizabeth McBride
-My Lovely Bride [Smile & Dean]

<65 pesos each>

Angel Bautista
A smile in your heart

Belle Feliz
-Her missing heart
-Always loving you
-Hot Intruder: The charming intruder

Martha Cecilia
-[My Love, My Hero] JSS (256 pages)
-[Gems] Arrivederci, Roma (256 pages)
-[Kristine Series 54] The bodyguards: Tennessee

Love Match

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PHR for sale
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