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 collectible pocketbooks at cheap prices!

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PostSubject: collectible pocketbooks at cheap prices!   Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:56 pm

@25 pesos each:

lorenzo empire by patt valentino
doel: the playboy book 1 and 2
donn: the king of arrogance
danz: the animated tamer
dean: the ruthless gambler
dave: the barbaric lover
dale: the amorous gentleman

hot intruder: washington, mayina's intruder
a night to remember
she's the one
sabihin mong mahal mo pa rin ako
ang tipo kong lalaki

angel bautista
the reality show:prince of thieves
queen of my heart

martha cecilia
sweetheart 6: mrs. winters
dugtungan mo ang isang magandang alaala
marry me stranger
nang gabing maging akin ka
my lovely bride: regina and luke
you're mine, only mine
leia, mu love
sexy and dangerous

heart yngrid
love me again: secret love
fairy tales and love bet book: barby
SCU: starr: the bratinella
drod-dead playboys: xander avila book 1 and 2

danrick tezzoro
eiji romero
jason erwin dean
richard don robles
ricos caderao
ian jack salmentar
hans cervantes
lee shin yang
hiro hinata
daboi bustamante
thyago palacios

rancho estate: rachel's sweet surrender
rancho estate: reed in my heart
hot intruder: rogue, the dashing vagabond
aseron weddings:as long as you love me by dream grace
the lost princes: my prince and i by dream grace
forever and always 1: andrea and marcus by joan jean
forever and always 2: diane and mike by joan jean
love so sweet by marion ashley
miss tactless meets mister blunt by dawn igloria
my lovely bride: nicole and hayden by bernadette licarte
lumang piso para sa puso by vanessa
dazed and confused by sheena rose
here with you by claudia santiago
my lovely star by maricar dizon
and i love you so by bernadette licarte
harlequin: dating the rebel tycoon by sumire villegas
harlequn: a night, a secret... a child by dawn igloria

@55 pesos each 256pages
staliion island: draco montague
stallion island: julian veron yun
the baby, the money and us by heart yngrid
wedding bells for cybele by camilla
hot intruder: rique, the lovesick leading man

@80 pesos each equivalent to 3books
fortune of the heart by heart yngrid
someone else's wife by camilla

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Special Team

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PostSubject: Re: collectible pocketbooks at cheap prices!   Wed Feb 22, 2012 5:43 pm


please update ur post if its still available.

for the meantime i will lock it. please pm me if u want to activate it.

if not this post will be deleted after 1 week.

thank you.

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collectible pocketbooks at cheap prices!
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